I truly appreciate all of your many training sessions that have helped me improve my strength and allowed me to be in my best physical shape that my soccer career requires. The way that you cater your workouts to fit anyone’s abilities creates a very supportive workout environment that meets everyone’s needs in their own way. With the help of your physical training, I am now going overseas to Germany to play soccer professionally. I am playing in the Bundesliga second division league. I will take the workouts that I learned with George to training with me to Germany and when I return to America I fully plan on training with the FORZA training program again.


FORZA is not just a place to get fit, it is a destination to find yourself. I began my journey into the CT State troopers with very little self confidence and lacking the stamina and ability to run even a mile. Through the dedication and encouragement of Amy, I was able to run a mile for the first time in my life. The pure joy and realization that “I could” brought tears to my eyes. I continued on running and eventually got up to three miles. WIth the help of George I built stamina, strength and confidence needed to get through the strenuous process of getting into the Trooper academy. Both Amy and George are more than trainers, they are people that care for you as a person, both soul and body. It is because of their dedication, love and encouragement that I was successful in achieving my dream. From a meek to sleek is what you will get from FORZA.


FORZA has the ability to to show you the way to better physical conditioning in a non threatening atmosphere that is conducive to you and your fitness goals. You can train in a great studio with superb instructors!

Mary Moeller

Sarah Long is a truly inspiring trainer. About five years ago I began working out with Sarah. I wasn’t fit, a friend told me that I was a little pudgy, my posture was not great and my balance was non-existent. Within a year the opposite was true. I look forward to Sarah’s Pilates and TRX classes. I top my regular weekly program off with Sarah’s Stretch Conditioning. I found this hour more productive than a massage. My weight? I lost 20 pounds in the first 6 months and have kept it off. My diet secret? Simply figure out what makes you fat and don’t eat that food! Sarah’s classes are never the same. My muscles are always on their toes with different muscle groups targeted in each session. Sarah’s interest and attention to overall fitness, mobility and balance is what inspires me to continue. Her program works. What’s great about FORZA is that if you dedicate to a regular program you will see results. I found it so fun to see new people arrive. They get excited and poof, the next thing I see is a new body! Thanks Sarah – thanks FORZA.


A few years back I bought a series of training sessions for my sons while they were home for winter break. George’s incredible athleticism and his cool, hip nature combine to be a great motivator for young guys. A few sessions were left over after my sons went back to school, and not wanting them to go to waste, I entered the gym for a training session. Three years later I continue to train with George. “Train with a Purpose” is George’s mantra and my personal goal was to get better at tennis and golf. I’ll never consider myself an athlete however I’m more athletic when I play sports. When my friends comment that my game has gotten better, I don’t hesitate to give George the credit; it’s not a secret.

Jennifer Thorne

In short, Lori started out as a personal trainer and has since become a dear friend. Some days, I realize she cares as much or more about my personal and fitness goals than I do. She is dedicated, enthusiastic and professional and has truly made a difference in my life. I have never felt better and whenever I feel like slacking off or need some inspiration, I visit Lori and she gets me back on track with a fun, fulfilling and productive work out!


FORZA gets RESULTS! George is unique. He is tough, yet effective. He uses all of his knowledge to create customized sessions that challenge and motivate. I have a permanent injury that infuriates me. My past methods of gym exercises did improve my physical health but only to a certain level, 2 steps back then 3 steps forward. I needed more! I found it at FORZA and more! The bonus… in less than 4 months I lost 20 pounds and counting. FORZA is the best, no matter your level!


If you are like me and have trained with other fitness experts, you may be used to a lot of high intensity, plyometric style workouts which may have contributed to injuries such as the one I suffered. Prior to Lori, I have never worked with someone who is so concerned with individual physiology and takes such great care of your body while getting GREAT results. In addition, Lori always takes the time to explain the purpose of each exercise and the proper form.


Three years ago, after having my second baby and struggling to lose the baby weight, I was ready for a challenge because I knew George’s style of training was different than what I was accustomed to. He is an excellent trainer, extremely knowledgeable and continues to encourage and push me to accomplish things I never thought I could. Now, 9 months pregnant with my third baby, he has helped me stay strong and fit.


I’ve been working out with George for a year now and I can’t recommend him highly enough.  I’m in my mid fifties and have always been active but have accumulated a rather impressive list of injuries that have frustrated me for the past 3 years. Unable to work through these lingering injuries on my own, George, who has an excellent eye and a wonderful handle on biomechanics, is slowly reversing these and getting me back into the kind of shape I’ve always enjoyed. He’s helped me tremendously. I love his approach and am so happy that I found him!


I have trained in New York City with top trainers and no one can compare to George. He has a broad knowledge base and weaves many different techniques into his cutting edge training method. Whenever I’m not able to work out, due to illness or injury, George is able to instantly adapt the workout to suit my current situation. He knows how to motivate and encourage you right where you are. Pushing you to achieve your personal best at each given moment and celebrating in your large and small triumphs. Well-versed in the latest sports physiology and nutritional research, George is a top physical coach and mentor.

Anna Simon

At the hospital, I watched as many other mothers hobbled around after delivery while I was up and ready to start the next exciting chapter of my life. Even though the next chapter involved many long days and sleepless nights, I still wanted to get back in shape. Lori was extremely supportive and managed to make exercising safe and fun even when I showed up exhausted after a long night with my son.


I instantly knew I was in good hands as Lori took all this into consideration and custom designed a fitness plan tailored to my body’s needs. It seemed that in no time Lori had strengthened my core and I was thrilled to discover that my back had never felt better. Even though I now consider myself to be fully recovered, Lori continues to take great care in protecting my back (and all weakened areas) before she recommends any exercise to me.

Andre Cohen

Finally, I have to tell you the tremendous benefit of Lori’s expertise to me as a mom. Lori’s fitness plan enabled me to work out right up until I delivered my first child in 2009.
Thanks to Lori, a mother of four, I felt great my whole pregnancy, was able to control my weight and had no back pain or health problems.