3/19 5:30 RKC Kettlebells cancelled

3/22: FORZA will be closed in the morning. All AM classes cancelled

3/23 & 3/24 Limited Classes
We have rescheduled our staff certifications for this Friday and Saturday, which means we will have limited classes available.

Friday 3/23 : 9:15 Yoga & 9:30 ZUMBA are on. All other classes cancelled. Gym is open 6am-12pm. Upstairs training area is closed.

Saturday 3/24: 10:15am ZUMBA is on. All other classes cancelled. Gym is open 7:30am-12pm. Upstairs training area is closed.

**I360 classes are now called Animal Flow. Same fun class, just a new name!**

Weather Policy: FORZA follows the Millbrook Central School District for all weather related delays and closings. In the event of a 2hr delay, all AM classes will be cancelled and the gym will open at 5pm. All cancellations and closings will be posted here.



Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
6:00 AM Strength (Judy) Strength (Judy)  
7:00 AM Cycle 45 (Casey) Cycle 45 (Casey)
8:30 AM TRX (Sarah) TRX (Felicia)
8:30 AM Forza Fit (Judy) Cycle Pump (Sarah) Pilates Barre (Sarah)  FIT Barre (Lori) Cycle 60 (Lori)
9:00 AM Animal Flow (George)
9:15 AM Vinyasa Yoga (Adrienne)    Yoga All Levels (Dana) Yoga All Levels (Dana)
9:15 AM Cycle 45 (Casey) Hybrid* (George)  Hybrid* (George)
9:30 AM Pilates Barre (Sarah) Cycle 45 (Lori) Cycle 30  (Judy) Cycle/Core (Sarah)
9:30 AM Zumba (Beth) Zumba (Beth)
9:45 AM  Cycle 45(Sarah)
10:00 AM Stretch 30 (Judy) Indo-Row 30 (George)
10:15 AM Zumba (Beth)
10:30 AM Stretch Conditioning (Sarah) Vinyasa 75 Yoga (Adrienne)
11:00 AM TRX (Judy)
12:00 PM Forza Fit (Judy)
5:00 PM
5:30 PM RKC-30 Kettlebells* (George) Last Class 3/26 Forza Fit (Judy) Cycle30 (Casey)  Forza Fit (Judy)
6:00 PM  Animal Flow (George) Animal Flow (George)
6:00 PM Specialty 30 (Casey)
6:15 PM Tai Chi Chuan (Brian)  

*Limited Space. Advanced registration required.